A Lesson of Love and Faith (Part One)

Note: While this is my blog about teaching and learning, I thought it was fitting to share how God recently taught me about love and faith. He is the ultimate teacher! 

Seven years ago, my husband and I hoped to add another child to our family. Two years ago, we changed the conversation to adoption, but never followed through to begin the process. All the while, I kept hearing God whisper “have faith, my child.” From time to time I would have dreams that I had a daughter–I can still vividly see her face. I spoke to her in my dreams and watched her smile back at me. Conversations about selling my nine-year old daughter’s crib would come up with no decision made, and eventually I just told my husband that “we would need it one day.” And guess, what. Our daughter, Stella, is sleeping in it right now.


See, through all of the years, all of the tears when another negative pregnancy test appeared, God was working behind the scenes to give us more than what we could even imagine. (I would like to take this chance to remind people that fertility is an issue for many women and can be a hard topic of discussion—especially when people around you constantly ask when you are going to have another baby. Now back to the story!) Sometimes, what we forget is that God uses other people to answer our prayers. Sometimes the very thing He is asking us to do has absolutely nothing to do with us, but everything to do with His ability to answer someone else’s prayers. When a command from God seems almost crazy, remind yourself that it just might not be about you! Step out in faith and trust Him. That is exactly what happened in our story, and I thank God every day the person on the other side of our prayer obeyed His command.

In July of 2018, my husband and I received a call from a family member with the amazing news no one would expect to hear. As we listened to the phone, the words I never thought I would hear came out and grabbed my spirit. We preceded to listen as this family member told us about how she had questioned God when she found out she was pregnant. She couldn’t understand why He would give her another baby given her current situation…. then, she told us the only thing she could figure out was that we were supposed to have the baby.  I looked at my husband and thought…..could this be it? Is this how God is going to answer our prayers? She continued and said that she felt as though she was meant to be a surrogate for us and wanted us to name the baby and take her home from the hospital. Emotion consumed me. After my husband told her we would be honored to have the baby, she let us know the baby was due in two weeks. The quick glance between me and my husband was a look of sheer joy and panic at the same time….two weeks?!?!?

That’s when God slowly started to show me, day by day, blessing after blessing, that this was, in fact, His perfect plan. On that hot Sunday evening, we decided to go ahead and tell our nine-year old daughter that she was going to be a big sister. I watched, my heart bursting with love, as my husband took our daughter’s hands, a tear rolling down his cheek, as he told her God answered her prayers and that she was going to be a big sister. After looking at me, my belly, and back at him, she squealed with joy. Tears were rolling as she listened to her daddy say, “And your baby sister will be here in two weeks.” Her eyes darted back to me, back down to my tummy and back to her daddy’s green eyes. She obviously didn’t understand. That’s when he told her we would be adopting a baby and that she was already a part of our family.


It was time to pick out a name for our precious baby girl. Of course, I already knew what name I wanted because I had dreamed about my daughter….and I had already called her by name in my dreams. “Stella,” I said. “We should name her Stella. I have had multiple dreams in which I had a daughter and I called her Stella.” My husband looked at me with a look that I can’t quite explain. (Honestly, I thought he just didn’t like the name at all.) Then he said, “You have to be kidding me.” I shook my head, just knowing that he did not like that name, wondering why I would dream something that real. He proceeded to say, “My grandma Jessie (who we named our oldest daughter after) had a sister, and her name was Stella. That is the perfect name because they were sisters and now we will have a Jessie and Stella that will be sisters.” God reminded me in that very moment that He was in control.

Part Two: Coming Soon

Thank you to all of you that prayed for us and showered our sweet Stella Rose with love.

One thought on “A Lesson of Love and Faith (Part One)

  1. That’s a beautiful story! I had know idea what was going on, only that a new baby appeared on Facebook. Your faithfulness paid off! Prayers and love!


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